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From: Doug M. Nicholson
Subject: Step By Step Science Fair Projects

Welcome Moms and Dads of Science Students,

Does your son or daughter answer yes to any of the questions above? It can be hard to find a worthwhile project that is easy to do and can be finished in 24 hours or less. And even harder finding one that doesn't have you running all over the place trying to find supples? Even finding one that works the way its supposed to work without having to repeat it a bunch of times can be a challenge.

I understand that unless science is your favorite subject, a science fair project can be a stressful assignment for parent and student alike. That is why I designed this ebook, to provide a simple solution to your situation. 

Wow! This ebook is a God-send. As parents of four young homeschoolers, we always need new hands on resources. This is perfect. Thank you Doug!
   Paul & Elaine Moore

I am thrilled to report that my three children love these science projects! I attribute their success in this area, to the discovery of your web resources. This is my fourth year homeschooling and I have shied away from science projects because they have involved having to purchase so many materials. With your book, it's so convenient to have almost every material necessary at home and the instructions are very easy to use.

As a tutor who has helped many children with various subjects, I would recommend this science project ebook for any of my younger students. Any child needing an interesting project for school would find something enjoyable among those in your book. The projects are fun, easy and provide clear guidance. I have already recommended it to my friends who have kids. Thanks for helping to make a sometimes difficult subject more fun.
Holly Wise

My husband and I read each project and had so much fun trying to figure out the conclusions. I appreciate the different levels of projects so we can continue to use these for years to come. We all squealed with delight walking into a room filled with vanilla !!! Your God given love of science has given us a great opportunity to excel in such awesome projects.
 The Barker Family In Virginia

Step by step science fair projects is a user friendly booklet that is informative with a non-intimidating approach. Parents and students both will gain a sense of success and competence through the easy-to-follow instructions. Complex concepts are succinctly described and easily learned from the hands-on approach to experimentation and discovery. Doug Nicholson's down to earth style could be described as simply science, without brain-wracking reliance. 
  Susan J. Simpson,  Professional Elementary School Teacher and Home educator for 12 years for K-11th grade.

I do love science and have always enjoyed doing experiments, so coming up with science project ideas is both interesting and fun for me. Thats why I have put together an ebook of 16 Easy To Do Science Fair Projects for elementary school age kids.

Step By Step Science Fair Projects

What Does This Ebook Have To Offer?

check Lists all the supplies needed for each project. Most you probably already have in the home. The others are inexpensive and easily found locally or can be ordered online.
Step By Step Instructions for each project from start to finish.
All projects follow the scientific method. A requirement for projects at many science fairs.
Saves many hours of searching for project ideas and hard to find supplies and apparatus.
Saves you and your child much frustration because all the experiments have been tested to work.

All projects are simple and easy to understand.

Some Of What You Will Receive

16 Projects Covering Fun Topics Such as:

green gifhow to make a battery using ordinary lemon juice
green giflearning to create magnets
green gif
why moss grows better in certain areas of the woods
green gif
if saltwater can cause cell shrinkage
green gif
whether seeds can be frozen and still grow
green gif
why a paper clip won't float in soapy water
green gifwhat kinds of household foods truly dissolve
green gifhow different colors absorb light/heat better
green gifif water molecules vibrate faster when it's warm
green gif
what vitamin c can do


These 16 easy projects cover six different areas of science and contain all the directions you will need in order to help your child create a fantastic learning experience. There are simple projects for first, second, and third graders and other projects that cover more advanced topics that would be great for older elementary school children.

Go ahead, click here and get your child a copy today. Its only $6.95 and I can assure you that what they will learn from doing these projects will be worth a whole lot more than that.

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